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Khushi Kapoor gives a glimpse of her room

Khushi kapoor

Khushi Kapoor gives a glimpse of her room

In a new Instagram post, Khushi Kapoor showed his room to his fans. When the bedroom was captured in the photo, Khushi was wearing a tight brown dress.

There were four distinct parts to the photo which was uploaded on Sunday. Khushi chose to create his own clean and basic environment.

A bed was placed in the middle of the room, with exquisite carvings on the headboard and under the mattress. A nightstand to match the bed was also seen.

Her bed was covered in drab white sheets, with a similar blanket strewn over the top. Her bed was adjacent to her kitchen cabinets. Carvings were also present on the chocolate brown wooden doors. The wardrobes, on the other hand, were much easier to work with than the bed.

Khushi’s shoe collection can be seen at the bottom of the image. She had a full cabinet dedicated to her shoes, with the top shelf devoted only to her high heels. In the background, we could see Khushi’s companion dog. The floor of the room was made of wood.

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