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Haaray Lyrics

Kaisay hain ye lamhay jo beetein na
Har pal yaadon ki dhun mei jhee raha
Arson ki thi jo ye daastaan
Aasan nahi hai ab ye bhoolna

Hum to haaray
Na thay tumharay
Kyun dil na maanay
Kay hum haaray

Kaisay hain ye lamhay jo beetein na
Dil se dil miltay thay jo milayn na
Kia kia socha tha hum ne saath mei
Waaday to mil gaye saaray khaak mei

Hum to hare
Na thay tumhare
Hum to haare
Na the tumhare

Kyun dil na maanay
Kay hum haaray
Hum to haaray, haaray
Dil na maanay, maanay

Haare, haare
Dil na maane, maane