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Zindagi Tamasha’s film is coming out soon across Pakistan!

Zindagi Tamasha the most debated film is finally hitting theaters across Pakistan. The film was slated for release in 2020, but it landed in a controversy that spanned two long years. However, the directors released the film internationally, it received critical acclaim from various media organizations and critics. The film received the Snow Leopard Award for Best Picture at the Asian World Film Festival and was also nominated for the Oscar.

Zindagi Tamasha Movie

What makes it so controversial? Part of the film criticizes people who present themselves as ulemas, but they are actually sexual predators. His screenplay was created to highlight these prevalent aspects in society. But some religious extremists have warned policymakers to call for protests across the country. Producer Sarmad Khoosat has been charged with blasphemy and the film has been banned from release in Pakistan. The censorship committee at the request of the directors took the matter to the Council of Islamic Ideology of Pakistan, the council returned the verdict in favor of the film.

The end of the controversy over the film Zindagi Tamasha

Zindagi Tamasha Movie

After the film’s international release, numerous media and social campaigns were launched. Media organizations, filmmakers, and people from the film industry have come for help. Government agencies that regulate the film industry in Pakistan have faced severe criticism for banning a film that highlighted a growing problem in society. The manufacturer also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister at the time, the letter began to be in fashion on social media platforms, it also became a major trend on Twitter. Here is the part of the letter;

Zindagi Tamasha Movie

The film revolves around a Naat Khuwaan named Rahat from Lahore. He is an important part of his community and considered a good man in society. His popularity and fame are phenomenal, he is known to everyone in his neighborhood and in the city. Rahat dares to question something incontestable innocently, and it becomes a blunder. People who loved Rahat start to hate him and the story continues. Written by Nirmal Bano and directed by Sarmad Khoosat, the cast includes Arif Hassan, Samiya Mumtaz, Eman Suleman and Ali Kureshi leading the way.

Zindagi Tamasha movie release date

Zindagi Tamasha movie release date

Sana Bucha has announced the release of the film Zindagi Tamasha in Pakistan. Everything is ready to be released on the big screens in March 2022. Stay tuned Ostpk.com for more updates!

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