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Zahid Ahmed talks about mental health, “Same as cancer, if not worse”

Zahid Ahmed

Zahid Ahmed discusses mental health

In an Instagram post, actor Zahid Ahmed discussed the importance of mental wellness and the importance of taking care of your mental health as well as your health.

The Daldal star took to her Instagram story to share a photo with the text: “Mental health is probably the same as cancer, if not worse. Strikes stealthily and is destructive, ”the post read.


Mein Na Janoo’s hero said in an interview earlier, “I use social media as much as I need to.” He said he mainly uses Instagram. “I am well aware of the importance of speaking thoughtfully. So I try not to make any statement that would cause me to be mentioned in issues other than my job, ”he said.

According to the actor, “If someone wants too much fame, then he would make statements without thinking. If someone isn’t looking for publicity, then he will speak thoughtfully. Ahmed continued,“ There are all kinds of artists in the industry Some people like to be in the news while others don’t, they have their own preferences.

Zahid Ahmed’s next film, Ghabrana Nai Hai, starring Saba Qamar, will be released shortly. Syed Jibran also appears in the film. On the day of Eidulfitr 2022, it will be launched.

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