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Watch: Mother dog keeps abandoned newborn baby

new born

new born

A newborn baby has been abandoned in a remote area of Chhattisgarh before being rescued when a dog took care of her overnight. While many were outraged that the baby had been abandoned in a field, the animal’s story of compassion went viral.

In the village of Saristal in Lormi, Mungeli district, a little girl was abandoned in a field. The youngster was left naked and with the umbilical cord still attached when he was abandoned. Surprisingly, the newborn was protected by stray dogs walking nearby.

Hearing the baby cry, the villagers discovered her with a litter of puppies. The youngster was found unharmed and the villagers assumed that the dog and her puppies were guarding the human child.

People quickly alerted the local police and the panchayat, who arrived at the scene to help and save the youth. Fortunately, despite being left out in bad weather, the baby was not injured.

The little girl was given the name Akanksha by the rescuers. The child’s place of residence will be decided by the committee. Authorities are looking for the newborn baby’s family and are investigating the incident.

“We were out for work and at 11 am we saw that a newborn baby girl was lying in the village among the dogs. Then we informed the health service. After that, the newborn was taken to hospital. Local sarpanch representative Munnalal Patel told media.

Many residents, including law enforcement officials, have called for severe penalties for the baby’s family. They also said the baby should not be sent to a family who may mistreat the youngster.

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