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The last song from the movie Senti Aur Mental has been released!

Yasra Rizvi The unfinished film Senti Aur Mental caused a stir on social media for its latest song. The iconic starlet struggled to complete the project but remained unlucky due to the pandemic. She did not give up hope and decided to make it fruitful for her team. Yasra had an amazing plan, she announced the release of a clip for the movie. And surprisingly, the plan worked. Fans were crazy about it and couldn’t wait any longer, and Yasra had to endure a lot of pressure for an immediate exit.

Felt Aur Mental Movie Song

The clip is out now and it’s all the rage on social media platforms. Wedding season is underway across Pakistan, and it has turned out to be everyone’s favorite wedding. No doubt, it’s on all playlists at least for this wedding season. Thanks to Yasra for thinking differently, for cheering the fans and her team on with this absolute masterpiece. Want to hear? Just scroll a bit more to find out. [Warning: it’ll make you dance]

The Ultimate Song of Senti Aur Mental

Song Details ‘Tera Hashtag Ni’ by Senti Aur Mental

Felt Aur Mental Movie Song

It is a proud production of the famous duo Schumaila Rehmat Hussain and Faraz Rizvi. It is sung by Mohsin Abbas Haider and Schumaila in their melodious vocals, both only win hearts with their vocals. In addition, the lyrics are written by the very talented lyricist Asrar Alam with Schumaila, the great. This clip is nothing short of a treat for the fans, it’s like a Christmas present from Yasra to her fans. The way a typical family celebration is depicted in the clip is absolutely wonderful. It shows the true essence of Pakistani culture.

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