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Fraud drama starring Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan coming soon!

Saba Qamar has been leading the industry for quite some time now. She signed another series called Fraud. The gorgeous starlet already has tons of plans in the works. This time, she will share the screen with the most beautiful and talented Ahsan Khan. The news has spread like wildfire, her fans are very excited to see her in action with the Udaari star. Ahsan and Saba are a beautiful couple, they are sure to rock the screen.

Saba Qamar in Fraud Drama with Ahsan Khan and Mikaal Zukfiqar

There is another surprise in the series, the duo are joined by another handsome dude Mikaal Zulfiqar. And more interestingly, this isn’t the first time the three have shared the screen. Saba, Ahsan and Mikaal appeared together in the Paani Jaisa Pyar series about 10 years ago. It’s like they come together after 10 long years to bring another super hit. Additionally, Saba and Ahsan have been seen onscreen together from time to time, but Mikaal hasn’t shared screens with any of them for the past ten years.

Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan, a brand new series on fraud

Dramatic fraud with Saba Qamar and Ahsan Khan

The series is produced under the dynamic direction of famous director Saqib Khan. This is a proud production of iDream Entertainment for Digital ARY. The story is the brainchild of super talented playwright and screenwriter Zanjabeel Asim Shah. It will be a kind of mystery with the addition of thrills and adventure. The stellar cast, powerful off-screen crew, and promising storyline suggest the series will be a big hit. And without a doubt, having Saba and Ahsan in the cast, the series will attract massive audiences.

Saba and Mikaal’s opinions on the fraudulent drama series

Saba and Mikaal have officially announced their role in the series via their Instagram handles. The two share a snapshot of the script with captions revealing a lot about the series.

Saba Qamar in fraudulent drama with Ahsan Khan

Saba wrote, “I think I’m obsessed with giving audiences something they don’t see coming and this show is exactly like that Insha Allah – already in love with my character.”

Mikaal Zukfiqar in Fraud Drama with Saba Qamar

And Mikaal wrote, “Fraad meray saat ho ga? Ya mein kisse ke saat karoon ga? Yeh to waqt batae ga!

Stay tuned for more news!

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