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Sang e Mah Drama officially presents Atif Aslam

Sang e Mah is the most anticipated drama series of 2021. The series features a star-studded cast and a super amazing storyline. It is a sequel to the super hit Sang-e-Mar Mar which aired in 2016. Both series are produced under the direction of legend Saife Hassan. It is optimistic to make another similar series to make this sequel a full trilogy series. The title of the third part is also decided, it will be called Sang-e-Siyah. What makes these series so special is the cast and script that win hearts.

Sang e Mah Drama Atif Aslam

Sang-e-Maah is the first soap opera of the famous singer Atif Aslam. He started his career on television with this series. The singing maestro had created a huge hype after announcing his appearance on the series on social media. However, it was not clear how he would be portrayed on the show. Fans were confused about his character and his role on the show.

Atif Aslam in the drama series Sang e Mah

Sang e Mah Drama Atif Aslam

More recently Hum TV released a powerful poster for the series starring Atif. We see it in his character, he has to play. The character looks bold and bossy, matching his personality perfectly. Now fans have started another discussion about his character and the show as a whole. There are two starlets so far, the gorgeous Kubra Khan and the dashing Hania Aamir. Fans want to know who the Atif star will be. Some want it to be Kubra and some want it to be Hania. Let’s wait for the serial release to solve this mystery.

Sang e Mah Drama Atif Aslam

Sang e Mah release date

The whole cast is revealed, there are so many clues to the script, but there is no news on the release date. The series is set to hit screens very soon, but I’m not sure when.

Stay tuned for more news!

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