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Priyanka Chopra admits Keanu Reeves is “the nicest guy in Hollywood”

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra admits Keanu Reeves is “the nicest guy in Hollywood”

Priyanka Chopra is currently promoting Matrix Resurrections, her upcoming Hollywood movie. Keanu Reeves stars in the film. Priyanka has now opened up about her time working with him and how he was a rock to her on a particularly difficult day.

In the film supported by Warner Bros. Pictures, Sati is played by Priyanka Chopra and Neo is played by Keanu Reeves.

Priyanka was recently asked if she felt Keanu’s kindness since Keanu is known as “the nicest guy in Hollywood.” Sharing an incident in an interview with Access, Priyanka revealed how she was having a rough day as she resumed filming the movie after a six-month lockdown and had to say a lot of words, and was also intimidated. “He came up to me and he said to me, ‘it was a very difficult day and a lot of things to do, you did such a good job and you should know it,” “she said.

She added, “When you have a day and you just need someone to tell you ‘you were okay, you did it and you were good.” I think he was very astute, he can read the play well and that meant a lot to me, especially as a neighborhood newborn in the movie ”,

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Priyanka Chopra, who was absent from the film’s first poster but made an intriguing appearance in the trailer, shared a photo of her character on Instagram. “And she’s here. Re-enter #TheMatrix 12.22.21, ”she wrote alongside the poster which shows her wearing a printed jacket paired with baggy pants and knee-high boots and her hair tied up in space buns braided.

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