Nasaaz, the inspiring character of the drama series Parizaad

Nasaaz is the second most popular character in the Parizaad drama series. It is played by Adel afzal, a talented actor and content creator from Karachi. In the first half of the series, Nasaz appeared with Parizad often, he was a good friend. Viewers got carried away by his poetry and his intellectual discussions with Parizad. He always shared thought-provoking ideas and showed viewers life from a different perspective. This is the reason why Nasaz has become so popular.

Drama Nasaaz Parizaad

Adeel Afzal is known for his social media content and his affiliation with Mangobaaz. He doesn’t have a constant presence in mainstream media, the character he played in Parizad was also a supporting role with only a few scenes. There is no doubt that Adele is very talented and his fans want him to appear on TV more often trying out roles similar to Nawaz. According to his fans, watching it on TV is no less than a treat. It is a gem of exceptional talent.

Nasaaz, Kasaï Dervish and Adeel Afzal

Drama Nasaaz Parizaad

Adeel Afzal is a personality known by his work, not by his name. Most of his fans know him as Kasai Dervish, that’s the title of his Instagram account. And after his successful performance in Parizad, he is known as Nasaz, the man who knows infinity. Adeel was already a motivational speaker, the character of Nasaz seemed to be made for him. He played the character so well that viewers fall in love with him.

Nasaaz by Parizaad in Future

Drama Nasaaz Parizaad

We hope that Adel Afzal will continue to work on television. He won’t let his talents go to waste. Adeel is also on view in Zindagi Tamasha’s upcoming film. The film has faced a lot and is quite unusual given the history of Pakistani media productions. But no doubt, the film corresponds to the personality of our Kasaï Dervish. Can’t wait to see him on the screens again!

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