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Lily Collins and Ashley discuss Emily’s struggles in Paris season 2

Lily collins

Lily Collins and Ashley discuss Emily’s struggles in Paris season 2

Emily’s Paris stars Lily Collins and Ashley Park are set to return for a second season, this time with even more fashion aspirations to offer.

While it seems like a big fashion comes with a huge responsibility, it hasn’t been easy for Lily and Ashley to reclaim the beautiful aspects of their characters after spending a year at home during the pandemic.

Plus, while it was fun to see Lily and Ashley wearing some of the show’s most stylish outfits, it was a very different situation for them backstage.

Speaking of the same, Lily said, “We had grown used to being comfortable and it was an adjustment. Mainly playing two characters where fashion is so important to them. It was a welcome pleasure to be able to dress again, but it definitely made me appreciate the comfort more.

Recalling filming a party scene that required their characters to stay in their decked out avatars for a long time, Ashley Park added, “Oh yeah, that was a fit. We hadn’t both worn high heels in a while. an and Emily and Mindy wore only stiletto heels. It’s so funny because we love to dress up and it was so fun to be able to do that. I remember some of those shoots, especially the ones at the party when we are up all night and also it was very cold outside for a lot of outdoors we were like “oh my gosh. How to stay in a dress for so long? It’s so crazy. ‘

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