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Kahay Dil Jidhar’s casting goes outspoken with BOLD


KARACHI: The pandemic hit us all in different ways, with lockdowns affecting every industry to exist, and it was no different for our film industry as well. The last couple of years have brought many anticipated films to a halt, and as a result, many awards shows have had to put aside their film categories. With cinemas finally open to the public, the long-awaited Pakistani feature film Kahay Dil Jidhar is ready to make its mark. Released in theaters on December 17, the Power-Packed Tale touches on the areas of drug addiction, corruption, mafias, abuse of power, and money.

The film features Junaid Khan, Mansha Pasha, Kamran Bari, Roma Michael, Atiqa Odho, Sajid Hasan and Dino Ali in key roles while the trailer boasts of a new story, far removed from the regular movies.

Keeping aside his appearance in the lead role of Mahira Khan and Humayun Saeed Bin Roye, Junaid Khan has repeatedly proven his courage in dramas where his performances spoke volumes about his growth as an actor. The Junaid Khan we know today is mature, refined and very selective about the roles he chooses. Taking SSP Sheheryar’s place for the film, the actor sat down with the BOLD desk and shared what took him so long to venture into the film business.

“I’ve been getting offers for movies since I started, but to be honest things never really turned out for me. Whenever I thought about making a movie I faced a lot of dilemmas, sometimes the script didn’t resonate well with me, or at other times it was my character that put me off, and every now and then I did. ‘had reservations with the team involved; my heart was never fully satisfied to sign the scripts I was offered and I was also caught up in my projects on television.

So what convinced the star to sign Kahay Dil Jidhar? Lots of thought and intuition.

“Like they say, there’s a right time for everything and I could feel it in my bones for this one because the project ticked all the boxes for me. The character had the versatility I wanted to show on the big screen and the storyline was awesome. I didn’t want to just make movies for the sake of making a movie, I wanted to do something that I hadn’t done on television before and this movie offered a lot; I had this margin as an actor to develop and interpret my character as I wanted, I was even able to dance what I had never done in dramas or in awards ceremonies, I also been able to explore the genre of comedy. It was a dream to work with the crew and I was already comfortable with the director, Rumi, since we had worked together on a music video for Call. It was among people I could trust. I had heard the songs from the movie before when I was offered the script, and I know full well that music can make or break the movie, so I was confident about the soundtracks as well. It was also the casting that attracted me, I had already worked with Mansha Pasha and her reputation as a film actress was phenomenal, especially in Laal Kabootar, so I had no reason to say no to this film. .

While the trailer already skyrockets anticipation, fans and critics alike were delighted to see Khan play a comedic, witty, and also gritty role. You’ve never seen him play a cop before and in Kahay Dil Jidhar he’s not your typical SSP – he has his own way of doing things and we couldn’t resist but ask him if he has. received special training to play SSP Sheheryar.OSTPK.Com

“I remember once I was offered the role of a policeman in a drama, but there was nothing substantive about the character. That’s how dramas normally are, they’re produced on a small scale and you don’t pay much attention to the depth of the characters, they’re confined to the living room and for the living room only. But movies are a whole different world to work in, because when you play a character for a movie, the scale is bigger, there’s room to experiment, to build the personality, and to play with the character, and so on. that’s why I chose to debut with a role like this. There are feelings attached to this role. It is not the same as the sentiment attached to an army officer, as it is based on patriotism and emotion; the latter deserves quite a serious approach. In comparison, the emotion attached to a policeman is vast, there are nuances to the representation of a policeman; they can be spiritual and corrupt or they can be honest and dedicated. So it’s the dedication that counts for the character I play. I didn’t have to take any special training, but we had a long discussion about the character with the director and the creative producer. I also paid great attention to portrayals of police officers in international media and observed local police officers around to get a feel for the character, putting it all together to play SSP Sheheryar.

Finding massive success with films like Laal Kabootar under his belt, Mansha Pasha, is a force to be reckoned with. Playing the role of a vehement journalist in Kahay Dil Jidhar whose mission is to speak out against dirty politics, drug mafias and corruption, Pasha is elated as she talks about her character in depth.

“My character is very three-dimensional, the character is large and visible in the film. It’s different from the rest of the characters I’ve played so far because it’s slightly in the gray. I play a journalist in the film and it’s all about work. The role is also very different and new to me because there is glamor and dance involved, something that I haven’t really done in my previous projects, so it’s been an interesting journey to play this character.

We rarely see films addressing such real issues as drug abuse developing in our society, and for a very long time any conversation around drugs has been stigmatized. Kahay Dil Jidhar aims to start this conversation, Pasha hopes:

“I think the film will highlight the need to talk about topics like this. I am surprised at the prevalence of the growing problem of drug addiction in Pakistan and yet no one has thought of making a film on this subject. So, yes, the film will open a dialogue and initiate conversations around the subject. “

Movie promotions, which are in full swing, are a whole new level of occupation and while Pasha is not new to the demanding routine that promotions bring, it is new territory for Khan as he talks about his experience in promoting the film.

“It’s a pretty new and different experience for me. It’s also pretty hectic because we’ve had very little time to promote the movie and there are so many places to be, but the good thing is I’m comfortable being in front of a live audience. because I used to play for them. It’s just that our time is strictly divided, we get up from one place and go to the next and that’s how our days go, so it’s physically and mentally tiring. It’s a new dimension for me at the start, but certainly not the last.

The BOLD office also spoke to famous member of the Suroor group, Kamran Bari, a newcomer to acting and filmmaking who has been patient in writing the plot for the film, claims to have made his better in the script by Kahay Dil Jidhar. But what intrigues us is the idea of ​​working on a theme that no one else has worked on before in the industry:

“This is a bigger problem than you might think and if, with my film, I can encourage even one person to rethink their lifestyle choices and quit drugs, I will consider the film a success. . “

It’s high time that movies started tackling the real issues people face today, given how audiences are changing and what content they can relate to. With director Jalal Rumi ready to tap into societal consciousness with this film, we are excited to see if Junaid Khan, Kamran Bari and Roma Michael will impress us with their debut and if the film will initiate conversations that would otherwise have been deemed taboo. by the masses.

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