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Imran Khan launches ‘Naya Pakistan health card’ for all citizens of Punjab

Imran Khan launches 'Naya Pakistan health card' for all citizens of Punjab

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Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the launch of a program to provide health insurance to all citizens of Punjab, stating that by the end of March all households in the province will have received the “Naya Pakistan health card. “.

Families can receive free medical care of up to Rs 1 million per year under this program.

Punjab becomes the second province to offer health insurance to its residents after the successful launch of the program in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which began offering all health insurance to its residents under the same program in February.

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated Punjab’s Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid and Chief Minister Usman Buzdar for leading the project in the province at the program’s inaugural event in Lahore.

“This is a decisive and defining moment in Pakistan’s journey towards a welfare state,” said the Prime Minister.

He said a total of Rs440 billion would be spent on health insurance over a three-year period under the program.

However, he added: “It is not only [about] health insurance. It is [about setting up] a health system.

The prime minister said the initiative would encourage the private sector to invest in establishing hospitals in villages and remote areas, where there were only public hospitals.

According to the Prime Minister, this program will encourage the private sector to invest in the establishment of hospitals in villages and remote places where only public hospitals exist.

“There is a shortage of doctors in these areas, but now the private sector will invest in building hospitals in the poorest areas because everyone can [pay for medical] treatment by means of health cards, ”he explained.

Prime Minister Imran previously said the health card program was aimed at solving the problems that people face, especially poor people, when a family member becomes ill and they cannot get treatment. .

He said he had gone through similar challenges and felt “helpless”. when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and there was no hospital in Pakistan to treat the disease at the time.

“I thought of [setting up] a health insurance system at the time, ”he added.

He also mentioned that the opposition criticized him for failing to impose a full lockdown following the rise of the coronavirus.

The Prime Minister indicated that he had made this choice because he was aware of the challenges that daily workers and the most disadvantaged would experience in total confinement.

“But the elite here care less about the poor,” he lamented, adding that today Pakistan is being acclaimed around the world for the way it has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

“See how many people have died in the neighboring country, India. See how many died in Iran. And how their economy suffered. And then look at Pakistan, ”he remarked.

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