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“I am an easy target because I am silent” Mahira Khan speaks out after being criticized

Mahira khan

Mahira Khan denounces his critics

In a recent interview, actress Mahira Khan finally criticized her acting abilities. Her colleagues, including Firdaus Jamal, Nadia Khan and Mehwish Hayat, have previously made derogatory remarks about her acting abilities.

She started by saying, “Jub mujhe pe baat aati hai sub aisay peechay partay hain I don’t know why?”

“Why do some journalists apologize by liking me? “

She further explained, “I find it so sad that I work very hard on my characters but I don’t get the deserving appreciation. I have to constantly prove myself, I play a blind girl in Neelofer, what am I supposed to play next? A monkey?”

“When people comment on my acting skills, sometimes I want to ask them what you did, how sad is it to say that? “

“I am an easy target because I am silent and I am not wrong and I am not friends with journalists. “

The Raees star concluded by saying, “Someday I will die, then the tributes would pour in and people would like me, but then it will be too late.”

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