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Chimera Full Song Lyrics  By Polyphia
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Chimera Song Lyrics

[Part 2]

[Verse: Lil West]
Good girl in a costume
It's your world when I'm wit' you
Forever wit' you like a tattoo
I paint a picture in a bad mood
Shoot through the breeze like a parachute
I got cheese, get a pair of shoes
Big body, need a lot of room
She keep callin' when I'm never home
I'll be what you need, lowkey
On the ease, I can see everything that you went through
I'll be your tool, I can fix you
Even if I lose, it be nothin' new
She old news to the whole school
It's my ruse when I make moves
I make it rain like a monsoon
My new bae, can you come soon?
[Chorus: Lil West]
The best thot was the best ride
She said that she really wanna come out to the west side
If she comin' wit' me she can hit me wit' her best side
She can be my missus, give me kisses best side
Lowkey when we in the night
You want me, but it's never right
Hold me, I'm a low life
You know me 'cause I'm on a rise
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