Azaan Sami Khan Ik Lamha on social networks

Pakistan’s emerging star Azaan Sami Khan recently released the music video for his new song Ik Lamha. The clip presents Maya Ali in all her charm, the opposite of Azan. The video takes you back to the vintage 60s era, everything is classic and quite elegant. If you are a fan of the good old days, you are going to enjoy the video a lot. The melodious voice, soothing music and slowed-down visuals will take you to another dimension. No doubt, Azan has once again created a masterpiece.

Song Azaan Sami Khan Ik Lamha

What’s in Azaan Sami Khan’s Ik Lamha music video?

Song Azaan Sami Khan Ik Lamha

It’s Karachi in 1964 that grows to be the City of Lights, the streets are full of life, the chic 1900s vehicles roll on the roads, and everything is wonderful. A gorgeous lady travels in a horse cart to a seemingly large casino. She strives to meet the love of her life for the last time before marrying someone else. Her love is a man who sings in the casino, the boy is young, charming and very attractive. When the lady enters through the door, he is already singing something magical that leaves her stunned. Everything continues with a few snapshots of their past. Take a look at this masterpiece;

YouTube video

Public reaction to Ik Lamha by Azaan Sami Khan

The public showed great love for his creation, the clip is trending on social networks. Azan is already much admired for his exceptional talents, he wins hearts with his talents as an actor and his talents as a singer. Here is the public reaction to his latest clip on YouTube. Don’t forget to share your opinion with us, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Song Azaan Sami Khan Ik Lamha

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