Atif Aslam and Sahir Ali Bagga join forces for Sang e Mah’s OST

Atif Aslam is already making headlines due to his television debut with the drama series Sang e Mah. He will play a leading role for the first time on television. Although he started his career as an actor, he went on to excel as a singer. Atif has a huge number of fans all over the world, he has proven his courage as an actor and as a singer. Recently, Sahir Ali Bagga made another exciting announcement about this series on Instagram. He’s working with Atif to make an original soundtrack for the series.

Atif Aslam Sang e Mah OST

The news rekindled the hype among fans awaiting the release of the drama series. This is good news for them, if the soundtrack is in the works, it means that the series has already been made. They should therefore prepare to watch it on their screens very soon. The series will air on Hum TV and uploaded to in the meantime. You should stay tuned for more updates and information on the series.

Atif Aslam and the soundtrack of Sang e Mah

Atif Aslam Sang e Mah

Atif sang the original soundtrack to Sang e Maah very well. The songwriter Sahir Ali Bagga admired him a lot. Speaking to Instagram, he wrote: “This is his [Atif] debut as an actor for a drama series. I just recorded his voice today and I’m really happy with the way Atif sang the soundtrack. He did my melody justice and his voice was really impressive. WOW. So this one is very special and different for me, for Atif and for the audience. Completely different from other original tapes.

Listen to the original soundtrack of Sang e Mah by Atif Aslam

We will still have to wait, it has not yet been released …