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A mountain lion’s gaze on a tiny puppy goes viral

Mountain lion

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A woman in Colorado captured the moment a mountain lion approached his porch and looked at his little puppy, who was inside.

Sarah Bole, owner of Grand Lake, shared a video of the terrifying encounter on Facebook, writing, “I came home from work tonight and walked to see this on the patio. Watch it all while the lion bangs on the glass. Forgive my tongue and my trembling voice. I shit my pants.

Bole was surprised by what happened next. As the roaring lion sniffed and touched the glass door, his Shih-Poo began to shake his tail. The woman in the background said, “Oh my God! Stupid dog.

The intrusive guest wandered to see if there was a way in. The big cat turned her gaze to Bole as she changed her posture. The big cat eventually fled the area.

Here is the link to the video:

The video has received over 1,000 likes and 2,000 shares on social media.

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