4 minutes ago, Hashim Nadeem’s play continues to grab attention with its near-perfect performance A …


Hashim Nadeem’s play continues to garner attention with near-perfect execution

A few weeks ago, when Parizaad made his television debut, only a handful knew it would become one of this year’s most successful plays. It has everything a drama should have – action, thrill, romance, and suspense – and that’s what makes viewers eagerly await each new episode. Last week the drama had a change of direction which was mainly due to the character of Yumna Zaidi, but even that couldn’t move Ahmed Ali Akbar from the top of his game. As many protagonists remember their characters, one can be sure that Ahmed Ali Akbar will remain Parizaad and made a name for himself in the character that will define him for a long time.

Ahmed Ali Akbar raises the bar with his performance

Long before he did Parizaad, Ahmed Ali Akbar had proven himself as an ambitious actor capable of playing any type of character. He played the good guy, the bad guy and even the broken hearted guy who never gets the girl of his dreams. Playing someone as laid back or worthless as Parizaad was always going to be a challenge. Akbar changed the way he walked normally, adapted a new way of speaking, and allowed his face to darken to fit into character.

From dealing with Naheed’s rejection, to being heartbroken by Bubbly and later by Lubna, Ahmed Ali Akbar made Parizaad the poster child for rejection. Yet he has never stopped since every sorrow has taught him a lesson and he has managed to be successful in life through hard work and dedication, and all who considered him worthless come to surrender. reckons that he is worthy of their love.

It even teaches viewers a lesson that if your success isn’t the best way to respond to those who didn’t believe in you, then I don’t know what it is.


Shahzad Kashmiri is to be commended for performing the novel perfectly!

Usually when novels are staged it is the director who takes the lead instead of the novelist, but here it seems that the director is working closely with the writer, because of the results. Shahzad Kashmir cleverly used Karachi for the exterior stages and Islamabad for the interior, which has a good effect on the minds of the viewers. Each actor was sent in a direction, rather than being directed, which shows Shahzad Kashmiri’s skills as a director. He cleverly used actors in guest appearances and executed their arcs perfectly, and is to be commended on the drama’s success because he chose to be different, by being different.

Yumna Zaidi, Mashal Khan and Ushna Shah occupy Parizaad

For someone who has never received love out of nowhere because of their skin color, Ahmed Ali Akbar’s Parizaad is currently very busy on that front. Whether it’s her first love Naheed or her friend Lubna, everyone wants to have their attention because of their wealth. While Naheed chose Majid because of his stable job and Lubna’s mother rejected him because of class differences, Parizaad now has their full attention. Yumna Zaidi’s RJ Annie makes her presence felt in the last two episodes as a visually impaired girl who loves Parizaad’s poetry and wants to have her face sculpted, but Parizaad is rude to her because he doesn’t want to face a other rejection and thinks she laughs at her like many others in the past. Hopefully it ends with real love this time around, otherwise many real “Parizaads” will lose hope in life.

Hashim Nadeem continues to thrive as a writer

Hashim Nadeem is to be congratulated on his writing, as he has delivered hits after hits in recent years. From Ishq Zahe Naseeb at Parizaadhe’s been in extraordinary shape as a storyteller who knows what the audience wants to watch. Yes Ishq Zahe Naseeb featured a character with multiple personality disorder, then Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 and Raqs and Bismil were about true love, and now Parizaad is about a guy who is as far away from love as possible.

The way he creates characters from scratch, including the development they go through and the dialogue each of them delivers takes audiences back to the good old days. PTV days. These were the days when dialogue and situations mattered, performances were preferred over social media presence, and dramas had messages for viewers. We hope that Hashim Nadeem continues his good work and continues to entertain his fans who seem to be growing in number with each passing day.