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2 Influenced Song Lyrics

Oxy, Oxy all through my body
Oxy, Oxy all through my body (All through my fuckin' body, ayy)
Oxy, Oxy (Ha), all through my body (Yeah, uh-huh)
Oxy, Oxy, double R, bird business (Ha)

I got a big .45 (.45), in case if these pussy niggas wan' die (Frrt)
Gotta cut the lil' bitch off (Yeah), she gettin' in my way, she ruinin' my pride (Uh-huh)
I don't even want no smoke with these pussy niggas 'cause nobody dyin' (Die, fire)
I don't even wanna take it there, we turn pussy niggas to some Za' (Za', Za', Za')
Yeah, I'm drivin' the cat, I might crash it (Crash it)
G63, it's 4Matic (Ha)
Bitch, I got sticks, I got sticks, they tucked in the mattress (Brrt)
Emilio Pucci my fabrics (Bah, bah)
Hop in that motherfuckin' Ghost, we get gone in that Aston (Ha)
Vroom, flyin' right past you, yeah (Yeah)
I get so high, get recruited to NASA (Uh-huh)
Whew, gon' have to blast you, yeah (Yeah)
Sittin' behind five percent, you can see the Chename (Yeah)
I’m fuckin' this nigga bitch (Yeah), I'm sluttin' her out, I think her name was Brittany (Brittany, ah, huh)
I got that bitch right on me and I might have to blow it just like a grenade (Ha, ha, ha)
Just met an escort, she got her a passport, she from Ukraine (Ah, yeah)
I don't wan' have do you bad, nigga, know my niggas gon' crash (Crash)
Do your ass like that last nigga, then I'm gon' drop a bag (Bag, uh-huh)
Michael Myers, we don't need no mask, nigga (Yeah), they gon' do your ass bad (Bad, bad)
Keep shakin', keep shakin' that ass, bitch, I'll fuck you, it's a bet (Bet, yeah)
She know she a throat demon, spent twenty up in Neiman, I'm him (I'm him)
Got extended mags in this bitch longer than a motherfuckin' tree limb (Tree limb)
Don't aim at no legs, we aim at the head, we gotta shoot over the rim (Fah)
I'm the one with the bread, she love me instead, she gon' get the drop up on him, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
I spent so much money, I don't even know what the fuck I'm doin' (What the fuck am I doin'?)
Off of that white girl, got these white girls, I'm influenced (Yeah, yeah)
You know on my blues, I ride with them killers, tryna put your ass up on the fuckin' news (Fah, fah, ha)
Modifyin' all these tools, nigga, let me know what you wanna do (Yeah)
Uh-huh, know I dropped out of school, nigga, 'cause I had somethin' to do (Yeah-yeah)
I don't rock with no fool niggas, know you gotta be down to shoot (Yeah, ha)
She suckin' dick with no hands, she a fool
I'm gettin' money, nigga, know I'm bool (Oh yeah)
I got a sniper hangin' out the roof
Keep makin' them diss and your ass get— (Pshh)
You know what that is, you know I'm the shit, she gettin' recruited, yeah
Hundred thousand my wrist, this a Philippe, these bitches is stupid, huh (Woah, woah)
Lil' Rino (Woah, woah)
(Woah, woah)