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0 TO 100

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0 TO 100 Lyrics

Sidhu Moose Wala!
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Ho duniya da kamm badnaam kare sohniye
Jatt jo vi kare shareaam kare sohniye
Fame mere bed te aaram kare sohniye
Paisa dige bankan ch alarm kare sohniye

Oh G-Class GT road jaam kare sohniye
Sadakan te ghume subaho shaam kare sohniye
Langha jithon janta salaam kare sohniye
Tease kare ranna naal kalaam kare sohniye

Hard work luck taan haraam kare sohniye

No lean shit na gram kare sohniye
Mennu sab naalo mehanga mera daam kare sohniye
Industry ch kad jivein palm kare sohniye
Ho hoye na kise ton jehde kaam kare sohniye
Vadde vadde khaasan nu vi aam kare sohniye
Mathe te naseeb mera charm kare sohniye
Ho kade kade khaawan mennu kaam kare sohniye

Ho role model dead rab Ram kare sohniye
Record break jivein Tom kare sohniye
Irade mere weak na anjaam kare sohniye
Meninu inspire meri mom kare sohniye

Ho young age vote ae awam kare sohniye

Proud back home Moosa gaam kare sohniye
Sidhu hunn vadde taam jhaam kare sohniye
Ho goli chali vangu sound naam kare sohniye